5 Benefits Of Dancing You’ll Relate To If You’re a Dancer


All dancing is made up of stretching and relaxing. The muscles are tensed for leaping and then relaxed as we make what we hope will be a gentle and graceful landing. Dancing is a way of expressing one’s emotions through a succession of movements disciplined by rhythm. If you are a dancer, you will certainly relate to this.

In a world of increasing stress, we give you 5 reasons why dance is good for the mind, body and soul!


1)Healing anxiety


Dance is the cure – Dance uses expressive movements to deflate hyper active thoughts. It takes away confined actions and replaces it with a very unconventional routine, increasing the release of endorphins in the brain. Our body responds to music be it good or bad and we find solace in dealing with that response at a time when we want to get rid of stress,negative feelings, anger all at once. If you ever want to transfer yourself to a different zone in times of turmoil, dance is the answer!




Ever noticed why you’re always in high spirits at the club or a concert dancing away? It has the power to aid bonding among people giving us a sense of unity as we respond with a common language to music.


3)Stimulates creativity


Do you listen to a certain track in the train/bus/rickshaw and find yourself imagining dance moves to it? Dancers often create the dance in their head before executing it on the floor. The brain is stimulated for ideas when this imagination takes place. A dozen of steps are choreographed along with costumes, complete with the entire set all in the head! The brain takes excerpts from movies in the memory and produces it’s own show.


4)Sheds calories


Do you feel an inch little lighter after 2 hours of intense dancing? If you do, you ought to continue to lose 10 more! It is estimated that dance burns around 5-10 calories per minute depending on the speed and intensity, so take that bollywood class you’ve been meaning to take, as the festive season is near.


5)Improves self esteem


Those who dance happen to possess all of these 4 qualities including the high self esteem. It helps you establish your space, forging better communication with your mind, elevating your mood altogether. Happy feet lead to a happy mind.


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