Dance to Lose those Extra Kilos

Here are dance classes you can take to relive the festive moments, while shedding that weight.

Have you gained a few extra kgs during the festive season and you’re too bored to hit the gym? Are you looking at changing the way you lose weight? Then here are 5 ways to shed those kilos without hitting the gym but by dancing to your heart’s content!


1) Hip Hop DanceB-boying entails floor work that consists of athletic power moves, similar to push ups & crunches at a gym. While house is a form that involves a lot of footwork which tones your calves, inner thighs & ankles!

Hip Hop Dancers at Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company
Hip Hop Dancers at TLCDC

2) Jazz funk Ate way too many sweets? Jazz funk movements swing from soft to hard in seconds, aiding in contraction and relaxation of the muscles. Jazz funk is a good replacement for a cardio workout at the gym, minus the monotony!


Jazz dancers at Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company
Jazz dance at TLCDC

3) Contemporary – Flying low is an interesting way to strengthen your core, arm and leg muscles. Lizard work, a contemporary technique across the floor helps in strengthening core muscles and toning the arms, and gives you an overall workout on the floor itself.


Contemporary dancers at Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute
Contemporary Dance at Jugnee

4) Bollywood – The dance form that requires no introduction to Indians is the best alternative to a cardio workout at the gym! The famous thumkas aid in tightening abdominal muscles as well as waist reduction. This dance also aids in tightening the arm muscles, given the various arm movements involved.


Bollywood dancers at Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company
Bollywood Dance at TLCDC

5) Salsa – This dance form involves significant movement for the upper body & a lot of footwork, toning the legs.

Salsa Dancers


So it’s time to drag your partner for a dance/workout date, while bidding goodbye to that festive weight!

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