Terence Lewis


Terence Lewis is recognised as India’s leading choreographer, dancer and TV judge. He is the Founder of Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute and the Artistic Director & Founder of Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company.

Terence hails from a simple middle class family where dance was a taboo for boys. With no formal dance education, but a natural inclination and flair for the performing arts, he won several school and college competitions for dance and drama. To make ends meet and pay for his college education, he began teaching dance: here is where his craft, which came to him naturally, led him to become his own teacher and understand dance at a deeper, scientific level. He continued to teach dance after college and a chance encounter with Jaan Freeman, a Horton-based teacher, led him to the Alvin Ailey School in New York to study modern dance formally.

“If you must sweep the room, then do it like no one else could…so spotless that you leave your mark!”
– Terence Lewis

His passion and quest for a dance education continued, and he subsequently became the first Indian to receive a fully-funded scholarship to study at Impulstanz, Vienna (the world’s leading contemporary dance festival) and is the only regular Indian member of the Impulstanz teaching faculty. Upon his return to India, he introduced a new style of dance, Indo-Contemporary, using his background in Indian dance and Bollywood with contemporary technique. Today he is the only Indian member of the UNESCO- International Dance Council – CID- Conseil International de la Danse.

Terence has judged India’s top dance-based television shows, including Dance India Dance, Nach Baliye and So You Think You Can Dance! He has choreographed films including Lagaan and Jhankaar Beats; musicals including Children of the Sea and Finding Marina (both with children of the 2005 Tsunami disaster) and Disney India’s pioneering stage musical The Beauty and the Beast. See more.

“If you want to take your message to the masses, then let the message be yours but in a language they understand”
– Terence Lewis

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