Personal Training

The TLA, apart from open classes, also offers Personal Training classes- an exclusive one on one, specially designed class with the student and one of the Senior instructors of the TLA. The Personal training class is one of the top rankers of the TLA offerings, as it caters to every need of the individual student.

The TLA Personal Training Class- ADVANTAGES

  • The Personal Training class is tailor made to suit the individual student’s needs. The class progresses at a suitable pace comfortable and apt for the student, dependant on his/her grasping power of the Dance and techniques. The class may thus proceed at a slower or more accelerated pace, as per the individual’s dance progress.
  • The classes may target one or multiple dance styles, as per the student’s requirements. For eg- Contemporary & Jazz, Hip-Hop & Contemporary, Bollyhop & Salsa etc. The combinations of Dance styles may otherwise not be available in open classes within one class.
  • The student receives individual attention on a more sustained basis than is possible in a larger class.
  • The timings may be decided on mutually convenient terms by the student and the TLA.
  • The Personal Training Classes are also the ideal option for those who may have erratic work timings, or those who may want classes for a shorter duration (as opposed to the 4 month long regular classes) for eg- for overseas students etc

The Personal Training Classes –CLASS STRUCTURE

Each class will follow the structure of a warm up, with technique based learning, a phrase of choreography, followed by a cool down. However, the attention and the time allotted to any of these areas may vary as per the individual student’s needs, as the individual student is the focal point of these classes.

The TLA Personal Training Classes- VENUE

  • The Venue would be one of the TLA studios- (fitted with a suspended wooden floor, mirrors, AC and toilet and changing room facilities)
  • The option of the space provided by the student (if the student so wishes) may also be looked into as a possibility.

The Personal Training Classes- FEES

The fees for the Personal Training Classes will be decided by the TLA and conveyed to the student before the commencement of the classes itself. The fees may vary as per the student’s chosen package, and therefore may have slight variations from student to student.

‘Your pace, your style…come join ….it’s your very own TLA class”!

(PS- The TLA will be the final deciding authority in all matters concerning its Classes and reserves the right to withhold admission to any student to the TLA Personal Training Classes, as to any other of it’s classes.)


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