As Bollywood dance continues to capture the imagination of every Indian, and as the Dance wave sweeps over the young and old alike with every new Dance Reality Show that hits the silver screen, the Sangeet tradition has also gained a brand new dimension!

The Sangeet has now become a full- blown event in itself and an extremely important ceremony that demands detailed attention and expertise.

This is where the instructors of the TLA step in with their expertise and skill to choreograph, teach, conceptualise and creatively package the Sangeet acts, to make this event into one of the most enjoyable and memorable evening’s of the ‘shaadi’ experience!

The TLA instructors can provide the following services for the Sangeet:

  • Choreograph, teach and train the family members in various acts, (requested by the family members, or suggested by us)
  • Creatively conceptualise an entire package for the event, wherein the TLA acts as the Creative Consultant as well, thus turning the Sangeet into a full on Page 3 event!

The Highlights of the TLA Sangeet Acts:

  • The acts may range from solos, duets, trios to group acts – thus providing a visual variety to the audience.
  • The acts may be theme centric and tailor made for the particular family member/s drawing a personal connect. The acts can be interestingly propertised, layered with AVs, audience games/interactive segments,etc.
  • All acts are age and ability friendly– the acts are made keeping in mind the family members age and ability levels. Thus all can participate, from the ‘dada-dadis’ and ‘nana- nanis’ to the enthusiastic parents to the bubbly uncles and aunts to the rocking youngsters, to the bridal couple themselves!! –a truly happily ever after all family part!
  • Convenient Venues & Timings – the teaching and training of the family members may be done at our studios or even at the venue suggested by the clients themselves, at timings suitable to the various groups. (the venue & timings can be agreed upon mutually by the TLA and the client)
  • The TLA instructors may also perform with the family members if needed(for further information on this please refer to ‘Company- Themed Offerings’)

“Come …..experience the true joy of family….be No 1 on the Sangeet circuit with the TLA!”


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