Catch 22

22 exceptionally gifted young dancers, 3 years of intensive training from some of the finest teachers from India and abroad, the TLDFST Batch of 2007 – 2010 is ready to take Contemporary dance to the next level with Catch-22. Duets, trios and quintets come together in a mesh of connections and contradictions, can’t live with, can’t live without the other. Ranging from child-like innocence (5 pm: Playtime); to the darker side of sibling rivalry (Here First); some confused with where they want to go, to finally discover they are exactly where they want to be (Genie In a Bottle); others mourn the lover who’s left (Ain’t no sunshine); witness a battle of brawn minus the brains (And the Cock struck 2);to be spun round by the mundane everyday reality of 3 aimless beings, as they fight to the finish for their ultimate prize – the TV remote! (Couching tigers…); experience the changing seasons of the emotions with the changing colours (Kaleidoscope). Meet strong girls who scale the walls and boys engaged in an ego battle(Wall-uptuous/1+1=2much); hang out with the haunted and the harmless has-been’s (Death became them); to finally ‘sound them out’ (Extra-auditory); get set to get caught up in a CATCH-22.

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