Live in Dance1-9:1

…the journeys just begun

The pioneer batch of the undergraduate Diploma course, the Batch of 2009-10, proudly presents, ‘9:1….the journeys just begun’, a one hour contemporary dance production. As 9 individuals come together, its a crossing of paths, lives intersecting, to go solo once again.

In a suite of 9 solos, threaded together by trios and duets, these young dancers find their first expressions within the Dance. From a mother’s anguish over the death of her unborn child, to a daughter’s love and nostalgia for her father; from a happy go lucky vagabond to the slightly eccentric man constantly on the run; from the seductress to the mourning of a love lost to the final story of woman power in the face of rejection.

Walk the path…9 roads, merging as one…the journeys just begun!


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