Live in Dance 2 – Legally Adult

…21 forever!

The Terence Lewis Diploma in Dance Foundation Course (DIDFC-2)- Batch of 2010-12, proudly presents ‘Legally Adult…21 forever’, the one and a half year undergraduate presentation.

As 21 young lives finish their Diploma course, they recall their one and a half year journey together –a journey through dreams, sweat, toil, tears, momentary failures and new resolves, endless hours of training and aspirations ever growing ! On this journey, as they worked in close proximity with their teachers and mentors , they have not only evolved as dancers but also as individuals. A heightened sensitivity and a deeper understanding of the human mind, body and life is what they have achieved through this process of self exploration. So it’s no longer the age but the ‘experience’ which has now made them ‘Legally Adult’! …adult enough to make their own judicious choices!

A one and a half hour contemporary piece, from the hilarious ‘Four Play’, to a journey inward with ‘Pandora’s Box’; with split souls floating like two atoms in ‘Lost in Space’; to a skilfully humorous half human-half reptilian rendition in ‘Karma Chameleon’; from embracing the real you and a bold acceptance of alternate love in ‘Breaking Free’; to the incorrigible trio of agents in the hilarious ‘X- Files’; to finally efface all boundaries, all lines except for the one we ourselves draw in ‘Where do we draw the line?’

It’s time to take a stand…now Legally Adult!


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