…come undone

The Batch of 2009-12, presents “Smokescreen…come undone!”- the graduation production, of the 3 year Diploma in Dance of the Terence Lewis Dance Foundation Scholarship Trust. 19 young lives come together in the banality of everyday life. One colour, one face, hiding feelings, fears, illusions, equations and madness.

A one and a half hour contemporary performance , threads together the meanders of the human mind. From the light hearted eccentric Dionysian obsession of a man with a hair fetish in the quartet piece ‘Shear Pleasure’; to a multilayered piece that explores the ‘fakeness’ of our reality in the quintet piece ‘The Real Juice Company’; from the carefully hidden macabre side, the trio reveals what we hide ‘6 Feet Under’, to the duet exploring the transient nature of life, taking the form of the uncontainable element as they turn to ‘Shifting Sands’; from a personal tragedy changing to a story of faith and conviction in ‘Countdown …Reversed’; to a riotous duet, in an acrobatic comedy titled ‘Taming of the Shoe’, where two radical opposites clash to finally turn into the very thing they hate.

The smoke detectors are on…live in your skin, shed your poker face…

Can you look beyond ….the Smokescreen?…

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