“SURKH” is a contemporary dance theater production piece drawing from diverse disciplines from the Indian classical forms to the western arts, Indian in essence and global in spirit. The word Surkh borrowed from the Urdu language denotes the colour Red. The derivative Surkhi denotes the red glow or the blush that ensues from heightened emotional states with the rush of blood to the heart. Surkh- living in the colour Red, thus takes you through primal emotions that keep us alive- love, hate, passion, rebellion, lust.

Not mere choreography, Surkh brings together dance, dramaturgie and physical theatre. A suite of 9 pieces seamlessly linked, alternating between the fast and slow, the sombre and the light hearted to the outrageous.

Live in the different shades of red. Experience the blush- Surkh, feel the rush of blood to the heart.

Surkh performed at:
Braunshweig- Germany
Cairo & Alexandria- Egypt

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