Excitement is high in the TLCDC and TLPTI offices: we are set to take television screens by storm at the end of the week. We completed a truly creative assignment earlier this month – a demanding task that involved sourcing 50+ freelance dancers to work with our company for a television commercial for Sony Bravia, for the Diwali season. It’s a mammoth task and is completed within a week from start to finish. The company is joined by students from the academy; and a few facebook posts and what’s app messages later, we have a total of 100 dancers being fitted for costumes and rehearsing to learn the intricate dance moves.

The shoot itself is challenging; the dancers must move in perfect synchronicity to create innovative patterns of whirls and twirls that create exploding fireworks. A tribute to Busby Berkeley, the Father of Choreographed Musicals. Each dancer must be in perfect step with the person next to him or her, and after a few trys the perfect take goes in the can. Usually a lot of the shots could be engineered in CG during post production, but it’s a point of pride for all of us that we do it the old-fashioned way – through hard work and sheer talent! The ad is set for a pre-Diwali primetime release so stay tuned to your television sets!

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