Fbb Denim Dance – A book to remember




The internet and newspapers have been buzzing around the Fbb denim dance campaign which made it to the Guiness World Book of records on 22nd November.

How did the Fbb Denim Dance commence?




October 16th was the day that saw RJ’s from 12 cities matching their footsteps to Master Terence lewis’s moves. More than 20 media houses and 250+ cities plugged in to be a part of this campaign as the dance was telecast live on news X and Facebook live via fbb and Bindaas.




The master himself, demonstrated 11 uber cool dance steps meant to be replicated and shared via social media by tagging fbb denim dance all over India. The result was produced in the form of one massive 18 ft book, containing pictures of those doing the denim dance, which unveiled at 4pm, at infiniti mall, malad.





‘ If a portion of the youth can unite to make it to the Guinness World Book of records, then one can only imagine the potential that the rest of the youth possess!’ –Terence Lewis.



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