It’s been an insanely hectic week at our Nateshwar Bhavan dnce studio, with rehearsals for two major events – a shoot we have planned and the upcoming Kabbadi World Cup opening ceremony. Over the long hot summer & early monsoon months, with shows few and far between, our Creative Team developed a whole lot of new IPs These are intellectual properties, or set acts that we can replicate for various events at little notice. This week starts with a shoot on the Chetana Studio floor… Our dancers, who have been rehearsing late into the night, have an early morning call time of (gulp) 6.30am!

u83a9981-copyAcrobatics to Jazz, Ballet to Tango and Hip-hop to Indo Contemporary – We got it all!

Over two days the dancers show off their skills – flips, tricks and acrobatics are captured from a variety of angles to impress our corporate clients; we import the best of the west with jazz, ballet, tango and hip-hop. Almost the entire second day is devoted to our homage to Radha & Krishna… a very opulent production Lovebhoomi, with the most dazzling indo-contemporary choreography. The final segment gives each dancer a solo slot in the spotlight much to their thrill. They all go off exhilarated straight to the airport – they have a 4am flight to Ahmedabad, where we will be performing in the Kabbadi World Cup Opening Ceremony which is being broadcast live on seven Star channels!

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