Future Opportunities

Completed our DPLC program?

  • You could apply for our DIDFC programme to train further and eventually embark on a professional dance career.
  • Many ex-students of the DPLC course audition for dance reality television shows… You could be the next winner of Dance India Dance or So You Think You Can Dance!
  • Others take up acting or join the film and/or entertainment industry as junior artists… You could be featured in Karan Johar’s next blockbuster hit!


Graduated from DIDFC? Congratulations!

You could be a Rising Star at TLCDC!

  • Our Professional Training Programme selects deserving candidates to work with the Company! You may be invited to train further as a paid intern with the Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company.
  • You could end up, over a period of time, as a Company Member, performing with Terence Lewis in shows all over India and across the world.
  • Talented and dedicated? You could continue to rise in the Company, eventually becoming one of the company’s assistant choreographers and rehearsal directors. You could create and direct shows along with the Master himself!
  • At TLCDC, you will continue to get free training to develop your own art. You will attend workshops with the best international teachers and could win scholarships to train all around the world!
  • You could also become one of the instructors at TLPTI – mentoring students and shaping future dancers! If you have the aptitude to teach, we will give you special training as a dance teacher – and you could end up as the assistant to our Head of Professional Courses, a prestigious post at the Institute!


Completed DIDFC and Didn’t make it into TLCDC?

  • You could still apply for the post of instructor in other dance institutes.
  • Freelance for any movie shoot as assistant choreographer.
  • Work for any reality show as an assistant choreographer.
  • Conduct workshops in dance.


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