Hero Moto Corp World Challenge, Bahamas


Have you envisioned yourself dancing on an island surrounded by the sea, blanketed by coconut trees, inhaling the tropical air? That is exactly what our performance at the Hero Moto Corp world challenge, Bahamas felt like.

Master Terence Lewis’ dance instructor relishing the weather on the beach before the Hero Moto cup India Night


Love Bhoomi premiered internationally for the first time ever, bringing about the unison of two cultures, at the Hero Moto Corp World Challenge India night. It was an opportunity for us to showcase the royalty and richness of our ancient culture.

Dancers performing at the World challenge India night


Love Bhoomi is a special act which speaks about eternal love. It portrays the story of Radha and Krishna, the mythological eternals lovers. Their early days romancing in Vrindavan, the banishment of Krishna and the magnificient battle scene are all narrated in evocative dance. The Indo-contemporary choreography that is our trademark is highlighted. Bollywood songs like ‘Tose Naina Lage’ , ‘Teri Dewaani’ & ‘Malhaari’ had the audience stomping along.

A picture from the Love Bhoomi show at the Hero Moto Corp World challenge night

The evening included an interaction by Master Terence Lewis with the audience. He adorned one of the guests with a piece of neck jewellery and a dupatta over her head, much to her amusement.

Master Terence Lewis adorning his guest with a stole and Indian jewellery

The act concluded with an energetic number, ‘Dhol Bhaje’. The audience broke into a dance along with Master and we were pleased to receive a standing ovation for our performance! That marked the end of our showcase at the Bahamas.

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