The Trust

The Terence Lewis Dance Scholarship Foundation Trust works for the betterment of the art of dance and the dancer, in India. It chiefly supports the training and early careers of aspiring dancers of limited means, through:-

1) Scholarships for students in India

2) Scholarships for  professional dancers to train further internationally

3)  Loan schemes for struggling dancers

4) Support for health and nutrition by way of meal schemes

5) Medical aid and insurance for professional dancers

The trust also facilitates research and cultural exchanges, training programmes, networking opportunities through special events such as the Jugnee Festival (see for more info).

Above all, the Trust is working towards the Dream: the establishment of a leading centre for dance and dancers in India.

‘The Dream’ is to establish a premier dance institute in the country. A state of the art building, that houses all of the TL activities and offices of the TLPTI & the TLCDC, and offers infratructure and growth opportunities to other dancers as well.  The Terence Lewis Centre for Dance & the Dancer would be a self sufficient, self contained stronghold for creativity and dance education.


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