Our Vision

To be the leading dance organization in India of international standards, providing an environment that will foster creative excellence in the talented, enthusiastic dancer, thus raising the standards of dance and creating opportunities for mutual growth and expansion.

Mission Statement

We will work together, towards professional excellence in exploring dance in various forms such as educational, research, artistic and commercial ventures and constantly endeavor to strive for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Values of the Company


To have an inner drive to learn, create, and improve the standards of our work, responsibility and learning that we have undertaken, that would contribute to our growth as dancers, teachers and human beings at large.


To take complete responsibility for the work that we undertake as individuals, as well as a group and give it our complete commitment and priority, delivering the best professional standards, efficiently.


To understand, work at and accept the differences or limitations of each other, both personal and professional, and of situations that we work in, and help eliminate or minimize them so as to aid efficiency and excellence in the organisation. Further more, to respect each person, irrespective of class, creed, race, organizational hierarchy, social status, sexual preferences or political, social, religious beliefs/ideologies.


To follow the professional code of ethics willingly and by no means compromise the interest of the Company, even in the most challenging circumstances, be it as a member of the organization or outside it.


To stay loyal, united and sincere towards the organization and stand by it’s decisions, safe guarding the interest of the organization at all times, nurturing in each other a sense of team work, belonging, solidarity.


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