Dances of the world

“The spice of the East… And a slice of the West….”

With ‘The Dances of the World’, the TLCDC takes you on a round trip you’ll never forget. From the promenades of Paris with the timeless beauty of the ‘Ballet‘, to the hot beaches of Latin America with the forbidden dance “The Salsa“, from the flash of Las Vegas and the ‘Lido dancers’, to the colors of the ‘ Can Can‘, from the hypnotic rhythms of ancient Egypt to the pulsating tribal beats of Africa, from the evergreen charm of ‘Tap’, to the chic of ‘Broadway’. Reliving the rich Indian tradition with the classic Kathak and Indian folk, to walking the cutting edge of style with the avant garde Contemporary form, ‘The Dances of the World’ is truly the entertainment chart topper.

“Come with us on a round trip you will never forget!”


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