Terence Lewis LIVE!


Terence Lewis – internationally trained, celebrity judge, master choreographer & the Indian guru of contemporary dance,creates a special brand, unique & exclusive, very avant- garde, yet entertaining, in keeping with the flavour of the occasion, transforming the evening into a full-fledged page3 event, on the lines of high end stage performances – glossy packaging, high on the glamour quotient, chic styling and a definite cut above the prototype stage performances!Creating a whole new category in high-end entertainment and featuring Master Terence Lewis himself – the ‘TL live- Entertainment Unleashed!’ is a 60 – 90 minute power packed extravaganza- a roller-coaster ride through the world of glam, flash, art and live wire excitement. From the rage of Hip Hop, to the cutting edge Contemporary form, from the chic of Broadway, to a total Bollywood Dhamaka to hair raising Aerial acts – the Master works his magic!

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