Elements of Nature

From shimmering waters to burning flames,
From free- flowing air, to the vast beyond,
Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Space,
The Mighty Elements engulf the stage.

The 5 Elements, a highly artistic package brings to the stage the wonders of nature. From the raging flames of the Fire of victory, to the liquid blue of Aqua, from the indefinable Air, to the indestructible Earth to finally take you to the outer realms of Space. Each act is an esthetic delight, high in skill, with supporting props and AVs which make the performance a three dimensional experience for the audience. In a spectacular interpretation never seen before, get set to be enthralled!


The piece opens to the stage bathed in rich tones of reds and yellows, with dancers commencing with small electric ‘diyas’ (lamps). This is the symbolic flame of faith, worship and hope. Amidst swirling skirts of fiery hues that resemble a flame, more dancers take on the stage to now bring you live wire action. The flame on the AV screen now changes to raging fire, this is the fire to battle, the fire to vanquish all, the fire to win! The dancers now set the stage ablaze with a martial arts based piece set to music. This is a fight to the finish, egged on by the Fires of victory. High octane, physically challenging, agile and skilled…feel the heat as the Fire burns high…


From the blood thumping beats and the flaming red of Fire, get set to be washed away by the soothing blue of Aqua…Water, life giving, blue blood. The piece is one of the most visually beautiful and choreographically graceful. Meters of blue cloth panels span the length of the stage, manned by the dancers, they shimmer, ripple, rise and fall like the ocean, turning the stage to liquid blue. Dancers emerge from these silken waves in a suite of lifts and balletic partner work. They dance to leap over them, or slide under them, the movements as fluid and soft as this ever moving entity, to finally end in a stunning tableau….The piece ‘Aqua…Redefined’ is a sheer stroke of artistry.

Air- Act

The final climb to vertiginous heights, comes to you in a performance that keeps you on the edge of your seats. Dancers garbed in prestine white open the piece to finally usher in the piece de resistance…A large metal ring suspended from the top, spins and swings around the stage, creating an ethereal effect. As 2 dancers perform in this spinning contraption, their bodies fold , unfold , contort to take on new and beautiful forms. A breath taking , dare devil performance that says “I can , I will”.

Space- On the Edge of Tomorrow

A futuristic, high energy finale sky rockets you straight into the future. The piece opens with large elastic bands being manned by the dancers, stretched to form different patterns on stage. A principal dancer descends as if from the heavens, on a harness. Against the backdrop of a starry sky, (projected on the AV screen), the aerial descent is marked with back flips mid air, the entry thus dramatic, the piece flows into a fast paced dance, to take the performance to it’s crescendo, thus concluding on a high note, leaving the audience longing for more!!


The curtain is raised as the stage is bathed in rich tones of reds and blues. The piece titled ‘In the Cradle of the Earth’- a poem penned specially for the occasion and creatively designed, talks of the main characteristics of Mother Earth, for example – strength, rock solid, the provider, the ultimate home of all mankind, the universal mother. ‘In the Cradle of the Earth’ set to music, brings to stage the art trilogy – poetry, music and dance on a singular platform. The dancers translate into dance format the core values. Starting with a beautiful duet, marked with sweeping lifts to flow into a pulsating piece as more dancers pour in to fill up the stage. Together they dance to portray the essence of being able to soar new heights, scale new skies, hold the world in their hands. A fast paced high-octane dance ensues. Large dynamic percussive movements, gravity defying lifts, turns, jumps and tumbles are the signature of this piece – symbolic of the Element’s core value – strength. The piece reaches it’s crescendo to end in a stunning tableau.



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