Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs….or sunny side up?, a two hours contemporary piece, brings to the stage an amalgamation of varied expressions through movement, incorporating diverse contemporary techniques like contact work, release technique, flying low & fighting monkey techniques.

As the Artistic Director, Mentor and Producer of the production, Terence is consumed with the creative process. When asked what the theme of Scrambled Eggs was, Terence replied, “Art need not have a specific theme, the whole thrust of the creative process being its own nemesis”.

‘Scrambled Eggs’, as the very name suggests is a suite of varied pieces, all mixed and scrambled into one, from the seemingly banal to the emotional and then on to the pragmatic. Moreover any piece of ‘artistic creation’ like Dance brings to the stage more than just the visual. Its the reflection of and the access to the dancers mind and soul, expressed consciously or unconsciously through the movement.

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