SPOTLITE – (Weekend Dance Prep for Actors)

Course Highlights

Duration: 4 Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)
Weekends: 3 hours

Course Start date: 03rd Feb 2018

A first of it’s kind-a crash course in Dance for Actors created by the country’s leaders in Dance Education-the TLPTI -the Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute.

In an age of star power here is your chance to take the Spotlit – Dance Prep For Actors!

A special course, tailor made to offer the new age Actor the prime ingredients of the success formula. Combining the trending dance styles required for a hit Bollywood recipe, the iconic hook steps, from old school charm to the new age Bollywood, body language, emoting within movement, and focusing on the 3Ps- Performance, Posture, Projection.

Course USPs-

In today’s day and age a successful actor = a good dancer – The first and only course to combine all essentials that the new age Actor would need, in a short duration to be a cut above the competition. From dance to body language, using movement as a tool of expressing emotion.

Most courses would distinguish Acting and Dancing as two separate components. – This is the only course where we use Dance as a means to express and emote, exploring movement & body language.

‘Get Hooked Up’ – Get into the Groove with this INNOVATIVE & ONE OF A KIND class where the ‘hook steps’ of the iconic heroes and heroines, and the biggest best of the Bollywood Hits are revisited and taught!….

Lyrical Interpretation/ Rendition of All Trending Styles of the silver screen – Bollywood , Hip Hop, Classical, Folk- The need of The hour for every actor is to be able not just to dance but to be VERSATILE , not just to be Versatile but to be able to EMOTE whilst dancing.

The Whole Range – Old school & New Age Bollywood – The class offers a rare combination of both old school Bollywood hits-including dance vocabulary from older eras , to then teach the new age Bollywood which has the global flavour & spice!

Convenient & Short term – Only over the weekends and for one month !-so you can still work through the week and attend the course over the weekend.

Free Diet Consultation and A Personalised Diet Plan – in this highly appearance oriented world of glam, talent needs to go hand in hand with looks. So exercise alone isn’t enough. What we eat is how we look!-get a personalised diet plan from our on board qualified Nutritionist & Dietician

Faculty – the top of the line, highly skilled and internationally trained instructors, also trained and moulded personally by Master Terence himself.

So come, take that step on to that ladder of succes- enrol now and shine under that ‘Spotlite’ today.

Live in Dance!

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