Mega Bollywood Star Nites

Twinkle twinkle little star
Shinning bright from afar
Meet the kings of the celluloid screens
Then take a bow with the Bollywood queens!

With all the razzle and dazzle of tinsel town, the TL Star Nites make the stars shine brighter than ever before! Larger than life props, creatively structured and high on entertainment.
Our USP is the versatility and the rich variety of dance styles plugged into the Desi flavour! – from the cutting edge contemporary, to the chic of Jazz, from the latin rhythms to the reigning Hip Hop fever, to breath taking Aerial Acts, to the relentless ‘jhatkas’ & ‘matkas’ of Bollywood! The perfect melange that soars Bollywood to an international level!
The TL Mega Bollywood Star Nights- …..kitsch with class!


Terence has worked with several of the biggest stars of the Indian film industry. Choreographing and training them for televised live shows, designing special entries and making the stars look larger than life. No retakes here, this is a one-time shot and its PICTURE PERFECT.

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