“Optical Illusion or Reality? Pure Magic or Dance?…”

A fire starter for the senses. Playing with light and dark , black and white , creating new shapes , new forms.

Can you suspend yourself in mid air ? Can objects fly? Can you detach the different parts of your body and put them back together again? Take the challenge, it’s a matter of believing – find out as we bring you a New Vision with the TLCDC…

The UV act is one of the most magical acts, weaving it’s spell through a multitude of props and visual tricks. Theme centric, this act can convey almost anything in the most unique and entertaining of ways. Drawing from Dance Dramaturgie, the UV act tells a story, with a specially scripted narrative(theme centric) in poetic verse and set to music.
From the edgy corporate world, where at the clap of a hand the board room appears out of nowhere, where business deals are clinched mid air, to the sports field where the impossible is achieved in a never before match of tennis. From the world of fashion, where models walk a floating ramp, to a world of robots zooming you straight into the future!…flying chairs and floating hats, topped up with high end dancing skill, life was never so much fun!!!

So as the lights go down, and we wave our UV wand get set to step into wonderland!


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